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AFI Serving the U.S. Food Import Sector

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Who Belongs to AFI?

AFI members trade in products such as: pasta, olive oil, nuts, dried fruit, canned seafood, olives, canned fruit, edible seeds, canned vegetables, frozen fruit, juice concentrate, honey, frozen vegetables, spices, tomato products, wine and frozen seafood.

Associate member companies include: banks, insurance brokers, laboratories, customs brokers, shipping lines, foreign exchange/global payment providers, warehouses, freight forwarders, computer software providers, trucking companies, logistics providers, attorney, accountants, foreign promotion agencies and consulates.

And How Does AFI Help Them?

  • AFI has saved members millions of dollars on duties.
  • AFI’s arbitration service saves members thousands of dollars in dispute resolution costs.
  • AFI members regularly receive updates on new regulations.
  • AFI provides reports on all food imports.
  • AFI keeps members informed of the latest food industry developments.
  • AFI members have documents and contracts written specifically for the industry.
  • AFI is the voice of the U.S. food import industry, with access to government agencies and frequent communication with elected officials.

Association of Food Industries: Serving the U.S. Food Import Trade Since 1906
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