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To Whom It May Concern:

The sale of “spent” spices – repurposed waste biomass used in the extraction process – is a significant and growing concern throughout the spice industry.

The spice extraction industry uses dehydrated spices in a solvent extraction process for various applications. This process extracts key actives, flavors, colors and essential oils from dehydrated spice. The resultant product from extraction is a basket of products - essential oils, colors, extracts and oleoresins (AKA aquaresins).

As stakeholders, we have no issue with the production of this basket. We do, however, take issue with products of this type being sold as pure spices. The post-extraction material is an exhausted and impure product with no flavor, aroma or taste that’s often sold at prices at or close to those of real spices.

Most producers and importers of spices work hard to ensure the integrity of their supply chains but more needs to be done to combat this issue and to educate buyers to be as vigilant as possible when purchasing spices. We call on spice industry stakeholders to pledge publicly the following:

The undersigned companies agree they will NOT knowingly export, import, distribute, manufacture, blend, pack, trade, broker or endorse, in any capacity, the sale of spent spices to any customer in the United States of America.

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