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How is data for the reports collected? Data is collected by a third-party source directly from bills of lading through a partnership with U.S. Customs Service.

Why do I see a lot of the imports under the consignee "Order" or with ZZZ or XXX in the address? This is due to the fact that the consignee (importer, order of record) has petitioned to have their name and details stricken from public record for privacy purposes.

I subscribe to other reports (through U.S. Bureau of the Census or similar) and the amount of imports of a particular product doesn't match up. The data we receive is collected from bills of lading and not from processed duty data with assigned HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) numbers. Therefore, data is sometimes generalized or lumped into wider categories.

Also Known as AFI Import Reports

AFI Trade Intelligence reports provide detailed entry data on imports of food items from bills of lading, including the consignee (the importer, in most cases), country of origin, foreign shipper, arrival date, ship line, point of origin, port of discharge, specific commodity, quantity in a declared unit of measure, total pounds and calculated value.

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These reports are provided to subscribers on a monthly basis, with round-the-clock online access. Though the fees for the AFI Trade Intelligence reports are not included in the membership dues, the reports make this information available to you at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay to get it directly. Plus, the program developed by AFI’s IT staff gives you the specific products you request, with the ability to customize your searches and reports in a myriad of ways. To subscribe, please use the order form link below.

Using our reports to accumulate information about the products you import, you'll be able to scout out new business opportunities and outlets, get a quick summary of the global marketplace, monitor your competition's import activities, obtain substantial insight into market and import trends, gauge supply and demand of similar products, uncover growing new markets and more.



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