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This webinar took place on March 30, 2021.

Whether you joined us live or not, you can access a recording of the webinar HERE. The slide presentation is accessible HERE.

Acrylamide was mentioned several times during the webinar. Shortly after the webinar ended, a court issued a preliminary injunction against the state of California or private plaintiffs from enforcing Prop 65 allegations of failure to warn from risks of exposure to acrylamide. The injunction relates only to new lawsuits for the period this case remains pending. An article on the court ruling can be accessed HERE.

AFI also received more details about a bill being introduced in California that’s aimed to combat Prop 65 abuse by entities preying on food suppliers from various sectors. A summary of the bill can be found HERE. We’ve also attached a template of a letter companies can send to seek support of the bill. We’re suggesting those who want to submit it put the letter on their letterhead (two letters, one to each person listed in the letter) and send it to Letters will then be forwarded to the organization sponsoring the bill and uploaded to the comments portal. (AFI will submit a letter.)

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