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AFI Serving the U.S. Food Import Sector

Why Join AFI?

With more than a century of food trade history, AFI is THE authority on the food import industry. Established in 1906, AFI continues to keep its membership in step with industry changes,  government regulations, food standards, statistical data and critical FDA-approved training. 

Actively learning, participating in association activities and taking advantage of AFI’s benefits will keep you at the forefront of food industry developments. AFI proactively monitors regulatory changes affecting the food import tradeAFI also holds an annual convention and meetings filled with vital information and networking opportunities.

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AFI bulletins go out almost daily to one segment or another of the association, stocked with the timely industry information you need. And is a hub of food import resources and archives.


You’ll find a complete member directory on and in the globally circulated AFI Annual U.S. Food Import Industry Report. Ad placement is available in both the printed and online versions. 


AFI retains attorneys who constantly update us about key regulatory issues. Our full-time staff works with them and government agencies to stay on top of industry developments. And we’re here to answer your questions!


AFI memberships are company memberships, meaning everyone from your firm can use AFI’s resources – delivering an exceptional value-to-cost ratio for membership!


Innovative programs, food import leaders and curated social events are always on the menu at AFI’s annual convention and meetings -- both virtual and in-person. Network with industry experts, insiders and peers!


AFI, working with the trade, developed  standards for Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts and dried apricots. The association also developed a standard import contract, which incorporates customary terms and conditions in the trade.


AFI conducts an arbitration service for the resolution of commercial disputes. No one wants a dispute but this option can save you thousands if one arises.


AFI, working proactively to pursue the mutual trade interests of U.S. importers and overseas suppliers, regularly presents industry needs to FDA officials and develops common positions on food legislation.

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