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The Association of Food Industries Inc. is committed to developing programs that facilitate the business of its member companies, encourage free and fair trade, and foster compliance with US laws and regulations.

  • Ever want to save money? Of course! AFI has saved members millions of dollars on duties!
  • Ever have a problem with an entry? AFI can help!
  • Ever have trouble getting a supplier or customer to honor a contract? AFI’s arbitration service saves members thousands of dollars in dispute resolution costs.
  • Ever run into problems with a shipment because you’re not aware of a new regulation? Not AFI members; they regularly receive updates on new regulations.
  • Ever wonder who else is importing the products you do? AFI provides reports on all food imports.
  • Ever wish for documents and contracts written specifically for your industry? AFI members have them!
  • Ever wonder what other segments in the industry are up to? AFI keeps you on top of the latest food industry developments.
  • Ever want to connect with other importers or exporters? AFI can help!
  • Ever wish you could get someone at a government agency or a member of Congress to listen to your concerns about something impacting your business? AFI is the voice of the U.S. food import industry.
  • Ever wish you knew attorneys or other service providers who would feel “associated” with you? AFI Associate Members are great resources for AFI members.

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  • AFI bulletins and memos are issued on almost a daily basis to one segment or another of the Association, providing timely and important information.
  • AFI’s web site is the premier source of information and resources, helping you stay ahead of the curve.


  • AFI, working with the trade, developed standards for Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts and dried apricots.
  • AFI developed a standard import contract, that incorporates customary terms and conditions in the trade.


  • A listing in the widely circulated AFI Annual and on the AFI web site.
  • The AFI Annual and web site feature a product and service directory as well as opportunities to advertise, creating even greater visibility.


  • AFI is your collective voice proactively pursuing the mutually beneficial trade interests of overseas suppliers and U.S. Importers.
  • AFI is part of a coalition of food importing associations, which regularly presents industry needs to government officials and develops common positions on food legislation.


  • AFI conducts an arbitration service for the resolution of commercial disputes.


  • AFI hosts an annual convention and meetings throughout the year, providing an exceptional environment to meet and network with industry leaders and peers.
  • The right balance of innovative programs presented by industry experts combined with excellent networking events keep members coming back each year.


  • AFI has a full-time professional staff that works on a regular basis with government agencies and has access to attorneys knowledgeable on key regulatory issues.
  • Members are encouraged to call the office with questions.


  • AFI memberships are company memberships–everyone from your firm can use AFI’s resources. That makes the value-to-cost ratio of membership in AFI exceptional.


"AFI membership has provided important support for me in business over the years. AFI's website, e-mails, mailings and meetings have kept me informed of the changes and issues relevant to my business; this is vital if one is to stay current and involved in a fastchanging business community."

Dee Bartlett

Bartlett Foods International

“AFI has been a valuable asset to me. The proactive approach by the association on industries’ import issues as well as the willingness of the members to work for common interest has been an invaluable asset in my business.”

Donald W. Griego
AMD Oil Sales, LLC

“AFI has been invaluable in helping us deal with government issues. The pineapple case in 1995 was one of the first anti-dumping cases to hit our sector. I cannot imagine navigating those days without the assistance of AFI. Over the past few years, AFI has been very active in achieving duty reductions on many items we import. Lately, AFI has been our most trusted source in helping us cope with the upcoming regulatory changes affecting importers and making sure our interests are well represented in Washington.”

Robert Feuerstein
Rema Foods, Inc.