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AFI FDA Registration Services

Don't Be Shut Out of the U.S. Market! Take Advantage of the Free Registration Service Being Offered to Overseas Members of AFI!

Did You Know?

  • As of December 12, 2003, the last foreign facility involved in processing food exported to the U.S. must be registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Failure to register will prevent your product from entering the U.S.
  • This is a new registration requirement not covered by any existing registrations with FDA, such as low-acid canned foods registration.
  • Foreign facilities must name a U.S. agent when registering. This agent is to act as a liaison between the facility and FDA should issues arise regarding a facility’s registration. This registration provision does not impact existing relationships between suppliers and their selling agents and/or importers.

How AFI Can Help!

  • The Association of Food Industries can serve as your U.S. agent with regard to this provision. You will not have any conflict among current customers as we are an independent organization specializing in U.S. food imports.
  • AFI, which has served the U.S. food industry since 1906, will work with you to ensure the correct information is supplied to FDA and timely updates are made when necessary.

Why Choose AFI?

  • Choose AFI to avoid conflicts when you are working with several importers and import agents.
  • Choosing AFI ensures permanent agency registration compliance, no matter what changes occur in commercial relationships among suppliers, importers and agents.
  • This service is being offered at no cost to Overseas Associate Members of AFI. Join AFI and in addition to having a reliable registration agent, you’ll regularly receive e-mail with news on issues in the U.S. food import industry from AFI, the voice of the U.S. food industry. Overseas members have access to all association news and services and may network with importers at events such as the annual AFI Convention.
  • Overseas Members share a common bond with the most prestigious group of U.S. food importers of food products such as canned seafood, nuts and dried fruit, pasta, canned fruit and olive oil.
  • Your membership in AFI will help the association in endeavors such as efforts to reduce duties on imported foods, fight antidumping duty petitions and support free trade agreements.
  • AFI membership is less than other firms are charging simply to serve as your agent, without all the added benefits of AFI membership. The reason is simple: AFI has the best interests of the food import industry at heart.
  • AFI is well connected in Washington and has a network of attorneys specializing in international trade issues.

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